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Growing up on a sheep and cropping farm in Canterbury, surrounded by a large garden filled with plants, flowers and seeds, It was a natural progression for me to attend Lincoln University and study Horticulture and Garden Design.  I have spent nearly 30 years in the Horticulture Industry and have worked throughout New Zealand and the UK.  My latest role was working at BioGro as a organic certification and audit support officer.  At BioGro I developed an even greater awareness of the environment and how our actions can impact on the environment.  With my knowledge I am happy to talk you through our products, the seed varieties available and how to make it work with your campaign.


We have been managing Procard for 18 years which has developed into PromoGreen to reflect our ambition to help the environment through providing sustainable, eco, and green promotion products.  Our products are predominately manufactured in Wellington using sustainable products to help our environment.


Let us help you sprout and promote your business with our PromoGreen products.  Grow your business with PromoGreen and help protect our environment

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