Sprout Triple Seed

The Sprout Triple Seed Packet Box contains 3 packets of seeds,   a great way to promote your growing campaign.  The boxes can be designed to suit your campaign with seeds matching a recipe or a growing theme.  Additional material can be included in the box if requested including things such as an invitation, a recipe or company details.


Seed Varieties

A full colour print can be utilised to brand the outer product. Additional information can be printed and put inside the box for example recipes, invitations or communications.

Hot Chilli Box, Butterfly Box, Herb Box, Bean Box, Lettuce Box, Carrot Box and Tomato Box.  Boxes all contain 3 packets that can be made up to suit your campaign.


Hot Chilli Box –Jalapeno, Thai and the Cayenne.

Butterfly Box - Seed to attract butterflies.

Herb Box – Coriander, Parsleyand Basil.

Bean Box – Purple Dwarf, YellowDwarf and Italian Flat Runner.

Lettuce Box – Little Gem,Salad Trim and Oak Leaf.

Carrot Box – Purple Dragon,Mini Sweet, Paris Market.

Tomato Box –Black Cherry, Honeybeeand Mini belle

Full list of seed varieties >


Dimensions – 


Box - 9.0cm x 13.0cm x 1.0cm

Wrap - 22.0cm x 10.5cm

Minimum Order – 250

Lead Time – 10 working days (quantity dependent)